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Psychiatric Care for Adults in Corpus Christi, TX

Patients know they can count on a competent adult psychiatrist when they visit the office of Deana Jung Prescott, M.D., M.S. I have decades of experience offering psychiatric care in Corpus Christi, TX, for mental illness treatments. My expertise includes: 

Mood Disorders • Anxiety Disorders • ADHD • PTSD Therapy • OCD • Women’s Wellness Treatment


Mood and Anxiety Disorders 

There are many things that can result in you having an anxiety disorder. Some of these different factors can include:

 Childhood Environment • Genetic Predisposition • Learned Behavior • Physical Illnesses • Stress • Substance Abuse • Medical Conditions 

The good news is, I am qualified to help you explore some of the causes and set out an action plan to get you back to a happier, healthier you. My mental health services are designed to make you feel like the “you” you used to be.

Taking a Look at ADHD

This is a complex brain disorder that affects children primarily, but it can extend into adulthood. To just explain the disorder, it’s difficulty in focusing and managing a lot of aspects of life. It’s basically a behavior disorder but can become very debilitating for anyone trying to struggle through it alone.

I want you to know you are not alone. There is no definitive cause for this disorder. However, there is evidence that points to genetics. Regardless of the reason, my clinic and services are capable of helping you work through the confusion and start you on a path to a healthy, quieter way of life.

Finding a New Path

With so many confusing and complicated disorders that you can be faced with, there are solutions. I will meet with you in a private, relaxing setting to discuss the difficulties you are having. Once we determine what the issue might be, I will lay out a plan that is specific to you and your needs.

My mental health services can be tailored to be as specific as we need to be in order to help you move forward in a positive, healthy direction. You don’t have to be stuck in a place where you feel trapped. Together, we will find a way to help you move forward and embrace life in a new, exciting way.

Contact my treatment clinic today to set up a consultation for any difficulties you are encountering. I proudly serve Corpus Christi, TX, and the surrounding area.

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I understand when you are having difficulties, it’s sometimes hard to reach out for help or even know where to reach out to. My clinic is a good start. After more than 25 years of clinical experience, I can provide you with a safe, relaxing environment.

Whether you’re dealing with depression, bipolar disorder, or simply haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, my psychiatric services meet a wide range of mental health needs. With more than 25 years of clinical experience, I am well equipped to offer you comprehensive psychiatric care that includes evaluations, assessments, medication monitoring, and psychotherapy.

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Lifetime Board Certified in General Psychiatry
Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Thank you for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you.

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