Deana Jung Prescott, MD, MS
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Learn More About Our Local Psychiatrist in Corpus Christi, TX

Mission Statement

Our local psychiatrist Dr. Prescott's offers quality care in a calming environment providing our community with excellent mental health services in Corpus Christi, TX.


Dr. Prescott received a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science in Psychology. She graduated with an MD and Psychiatric Residency from UTHSCSA. She is lifetime Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Psychiatrist Experience

Position: Private Practice Psychiatrist
Date: June 1988 - Present
She practiced psychiatry and was named Medical Director of a chemical dependancy inpatient unit. She became Medical Director of intensive outpatient programs for women in Corpus Christi, TX.

Position: Board-Certified Psychiatrist | Location: Cimarron Center for Women's Wellness, Corpus Christi, TX
January 1991 -- October 1992
As Medical Director of the first inpatient Women's Wellness Unit in Texas, she led a professional treatment team including women from all disciplines. This team collaborated for the provision of healing and recovery for women with a history of trauma or abuse.

Position: Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry | Location: UTHSCSA, San Antonio, TX
Date: J
anuary -- December 1993
She taught medical students and residents about psychiatry in the inpatient setting.

Position: Board-Certified Psychiatrist | Location: Georgetown, Grand Cayman, BWI
Date: September 1994 -- March 1995
She also practiced inpatient and outpatient psychiatry in Grand Cayman, BWI. She enjoyed diving in the most beautiful underwater scenery ever.

Position: Inpatient and Outpatient Psychiatrist | Location: MHMR, Multiple Locations in Texas
April 1995 -- March 1998
She served with the Texas MHMR by providing patients in Texas quality psychiatric care in outpatient clinics and state hospitals.

Position: Board Certified Psychiatrist
January 2014 -- Present
She practices adult outpatient psychiatry in Corpus Christ.


Compassionate Caring

Each and every patient receives compassionate care from our local psychiatrist for all of their mental health needs. She treats mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and ADHD. Offering a judicious use of psychiatric medication, and promote more effective coping skills to deal with stressors.


To meet my patients' needs, I offer community education and wellness support groups to offer mental illness treatment. I also hold open-forum presentations of current psychiatric topics which are interactive, informative, and fun. These are designed to remove any unfair stigmas that surround mental health disorders.