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Patient-Focused Mood Disorder Therapy in Corpus Christi, TX

When you face challenging mood disorders, there’s one name you can always trust for help — Deana Jung Prescott, MD, MS. As a board-certified general physiatrist, my work with mood disorder therapy in Corpus Christi, TX, helps patients discover healthy ways to handle emotional struggles and live their best lives, even when they can’t control their daily moods. I strive to build collaborative relationships where you become a proactive part of your own care.

By giving you the tools you need to understand, process, and work through what you’re feeling, my goal is for you to remain steady and safe long after you leave a session. At my office, the priority is always on the patient, and you can count on me to be the source of support and encouragement you need as we explore your treatment options. Whether you’re seeking bipolar disorder treatment or help with depression, I’m here to help.

Understanding Mood Disorders

What makes mood disorders so difficult for many people is the inability to pinpoint exactly where certain feelings and behaviors are coming from. When sudden changes in emotion or a seemingly uncontrollable lack of motivation impact your career, relationships, and more, it’s easy to feel like it’s your fault.

The truth, though, is that millions of people share your struggle, and it’s as real as any medical issue. Instead of judgment, you need help, and that’s what I provide when you visit me. Together, we’ll explore important factors for your mood disorder treatment, including:

  • Potential Stressors that Aggravate Symptoms
  • Medications that Can Improve Your Mood
  • Regulatory Strategies for Everyday Life
  • How You Can Talk to Others about Your Experiences

Through it all, you’ll have the help of an experienced therapist who knows what you’re going through. I’ve worked with numerous patients that deal with similar struggles, and my passion is changing lives and outlooks by empowering people with mood disorders to stay healthy and understand that being happy is more than a momentary feeling.

What to Expect 

For many patients, the idea of bipolar and depression treatment is difficult to approach because they aren’t sure what they’ll find behind the doors of a therapy office. I offer a confidential, comfortable, and personalized experience that focuses on understanding you as an individual and working with you to find useful solutions. We’ll start with a basic overview of your symptoms, goals, and challenges, then build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect that puts your wellness front and center. From there, it’s only a matter of time and effort to start taking back control of your life from a mood disorder.

Contact me now to schedule your first therapy appointment. I proudly serve Corpus Christi, TX, and the surrounding areas.